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Who Is Chivas USA?

Who Is Chivas USA?

Chivas USA is a professional soccer team who has spent years developing their overall game and winning some of the top soccer championships in the MLS. The created Chivas USA to be the eleventh team to be a part of the league. They are intially based in California with head owners Antonio Cue and Jorge Vergara. The entire team was founded back in August 2, 2004. Despite the fact that the team has only been in business for only 6 years, they have won many championships in their league, including the Western Conference. Their team is known for having an entire uniform that resembles the Guadalajara.

What Are Their Most Successful Games?

During the regular season in 2007, they won the Western Conference that enabled to shoot them to the top. The game was won by them by more than 50 points which catapulted them to stardom in the MLS. The entire event was one of their biggest wins in the league, and what was interesting is the fact that they didn’t get the chance to play at the Concacaf Champions’ League during that year. This is what disappointed them in the end, but what was nice is the fact that Chivas USA were able to come back the following year with a 2nd place finish at the Western Confidence, along with actually qualifying for the Champions’ League in 2009.

Their best ever finish at the Concacaf Champions’ League was the Preliminary round, and it is usually a lack of concentration that pulls them back. They are quite an exceptional team considering that they were only in this industry for the past several years. They have also had some great coaches and some new ones that have helped the entire team grow as a real team. They also won the Honda SuperClasico in 2007 to easily beat out their opponents. At the MLS’ Supporters’ Shield they took home first as well. Only time will tell before they take home another big championship.

Who Are Chivas USA Coached By?

Thomas Rongen was the very first coach that was named to the team. He had yeras of experience in this industry, but many of the officials never really felt that he was the right coach. Once he became replaced by their new head coach, Javier Ledesma, he becamse the sporting director and the assistant coach for the team. Hans Westerhof was then the second head coach in 2005 and replaced Ledesma, and his professional help is what also helped the team that season. Bob Bradley then took over the team in 2006, and with plenty of awards under his belt at the time, he was able to turn around their playing on the field.

Bradley was then assigned to coach a brand new team later on, and he was then replaced by Predrag Radosavljevic. It was during this season in 2007 that became the most successful for the team because they ended up winning the 2007 Western Conference. Since they were so successful, he was assigned to be the head coach for the 2008 season as well. Martin Vasquez was named the interim head coach for the team in the 2009 season after being an assistant coach for the team since early 2005 – 2007. After going through so many different coaches, they are currently working the field with coach Robin Fraser.

Awards and Recognitions That Chivas USA has Achieved

They have several awards for different players in the team. The truth is that there are many different people in the game who play different roles, so most of them have been able to receive their help. Brad Guzan is a goalkeeper for the team, and he won the Panasonic Goalkeeper Of The Year award as well. He won the award during the 2007, and his work was exceptional during that season. In 2007, Predrag was also given the Coach of the Year award by MLS after leading them to victory. Chivas USA

Sacha Kljestan is one of their best players who has served them well during the 2006 – 2010 seasons. His amazing playing has brought him to being the number one player who has played in the most amount of games in the team. He was given the Soccer Goal Of The Year Award in 2008 when he was a part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His name was recognized very much by the Olympic Committee. There are many other awards, but this is definitely one of the most prestigious one to date.

Who Are Chivas USA’s Best Players?

They have a whole team of soccer players. CHIVAS USA have so many in the field, and all of them are able to deliver something different and unique to the soccer field. Scott Gordon from the US is a defender for the team and has surely come a long way in the sport. Laurent Courtois is a wonderful player as well, and he has achieved plenty of success for the team. Here’s just a short list on some other nice players:


  • Blair Gavin
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Heath Pearce
  • Jamies Riley
  • Ryan Smith
  • Juan Pablo Angel
  • Ben Zamanski
  • Cesar Romero

Those are just a small outline on the list of soccer players that Chivas USA have. The team has quite a good roster of talent that only needs more confidence for when they play. They used to also have amazing talent that has unfortunately left them, including Justin Braun, Zach Thornton, Jesse Marsch, Ante Razov, among many others. They have grown a lot in the public eye, and the entire team still has to go through a lot before they can say that they are true champions in their field.

chivas usa MLS major league soccer detrodelrebanoThe Chivas USA soccer team is one team that can make it to the top with the right attitude and patience. They have some tough players like Blair, Cesar, and Ryan, all of which have worked extremely hard to be a part of the team. They have had several different coaches and assistant coaches, and hopefully their main coach right now Robin Fraser is going to help you out. The team may not be the best in the MLS league, but they can achieve that with the right work ethic and training.

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