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Chivas USA

Posted on 17 November 2012 by admin (0)

Chivas USA – Cheers for the Chivas USA!

Whether in the court or the field, many people are entertained by different kinds of sports. One cannot deny the fact that soccer has been one of those sports that are highly anticipated from people all over the world. Many have witnessed soccer teams from different countries clash against each other in various leagues that are usually held annually with hopes to win the grand prize of being called the best. A that wants to take that honor is the Chivas USA soccer team. The team that started its campaign in the MLS takes pride of not only in representing its country of origin, Mexico, but also in its commitment to the players to play as a better team. They may not have a lot of championship awards to boast of but their other achievements have always made them a team to watch out for not just for their fans to enjoy but for supporters of other soccer teams to see them as a major threat.

Chivas USA

Chivas USA – More about the Team

The Chivas USA started out with of the MLS making their debut in 2004 & becoming the league’s 11th team after it expanded that year. The team was originally formed to be a counterpart to the original club from Chivas Guadalajara which is another
soccer team that has gained a large amount of support and eventually becoming one of those best and the successful teams of Mexico. The term “chivas” stands for “goat” in Spanish which is what they call themselves as their nicknames. The current team is now
based at Carson, California. Their home games are played at Home Depots Center, Carson, where another famous soccer team and 1 of their rivals, the L.A. Galaxy, also play. As a representative from Mexico, their uniforms are similar to the Guadalajara team with their
uniform being in a red with white stripes, blue socks and blue shorts. Their badge is similar as it shows the shield for Guadalajara city with the exception of the stars outside the logo as it represented the number of league titles that were won by Guadalajara.

Chivas USA

Chivas USA – Story of Success

Despite having many supporters from Mexico, the Chivas USA did not start their campaign on a good note as they had a 2 to 0 loss in their debut match against the DC United who turned out to be the league’s champion team that year. Their misfortune continued the
rest of the season as they only won a single match with their win coming from their own expansion club, the RSL. After that year, their , Thomas Rongen, had been assigned to the post of the team’s sporting director while Javier Ledesma, his assistant coach, took his spot and acted as the interim coach. The following year, Hans Westerhof became the team’s 2nd head coach. The problems of the team never stopped there, as they had another season that ended in disappointment. He eventually left the team and was replaced by Bob Bradley who has won the title of being Coach of that Year at MLS. In an unexpected turn of events, the team had a better season that year after getting a 10 to 9 to13 record which was already a better record than the one they had in the two years

they played before that season. That record also got them the spot for the playoffs. Their success that season did not stop there as Bradley got his 2nd MLSoccer Coach of that Year and the defender of the team, Jonathan Bornstein, received the Gatorade’s Rookie of that Year. However, after his success, Bradley was promoted to be the interim coach for the US men’s national team for the soccer game, which left the team with no coach again. Predrag Radosavljevic was named as their new head coach. It seemed to be a blessing for them as they eclipsed their success the previous year with a 15-7-8 record, earning them first place in the standings of the league’s Western Conference. Radosavljevic also won the league’s Coach for the Year while Brad Guzan, their goalkeeper, was named the league’s Panasonic Goalkeeper for the Year. Breaking the streak of coaches leaving the team, Radosavljevic signed the multi-year deal that would keep him as the head coach in the following year.
They topped the standing at Western Conference that year but unfortunately, they lost the semifinals against the Kansas City’s Wizards, then at the no. 4 spot.

Not just contented to dominate the Major Soccer League, they started playing in an international tournament in 2008 where they secured a playoff where they lost to the RSL within the 1st round. Some of their players had the chance to win some awards such
as the US Soccer Goal for the Year, league’s Best XI & US Young Athlete (male section) for the year award. In the following season, Martin Vasquez, the teams’ former assistant coach, was named the new coach while some players continued to achieve more awards
such as the Best Valuable Player, Goalkeeper for the Year & Comeback Player for the Year.
In 2010, Vasquez was relieved of his post as several other heads of the club’s management also announced their resignation. Early in 2011, Robin Fraser became the latest coach of the team. As of the present season, the team is competing in the Western conference and
hopes to achieve another good record.

Proof of their popularity in the sport is the emergence of several support groups who cheer for the team during the games. Their fans that goes by different group names such as the Legion 1908, Union Ultras and the latest, the Black Army 1850, have made their presence known with their unending support.

Chivas USA – Caring for the Kids

The team shows they are worthy of being praised not just in the playing field but with their commitment to their fans especially the children. With their foundation called the “ChivaKids”, they aim to give children from different organizations a better experience
of watching the game by giving them complimentary tickets for their games and a t-shirt.
This is supported by donations they receive from their foundation, Fundacion Chivas de Corazon, which you can contact through their department hotline listed on their official website.

With their constant determination to play better and their dedication to their fans, there is no doubt that there are more to watch out for from the Chivas USA.

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